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Best time to take wedding photos

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to timings for your wedding day. ‘When is the best time to take wedding photos?’ and ‘when should we have the ceremony?’ are commonly asked. ‘Should we take offical family photos (see ‘How to Create a Wedding Photography Plan’ for more on this)?’ and ‘When do I get time to sit down/eat/drink?’ are also highly important!

Considering what you’d like to capture on the day will help to start planning.

What do I want to capture (and remember!) of you wedding?

There’s lots to consider in the day but believe me it’ll fly by! The nerves and excitement of getting ready, the emotions of the ceremony, the fun and more emotions of the reception and of course those breathtaking couple portraits.

Planning your wedding day to make sure there’s enough time to comfortably enjoy it all sounds obvious but unless you’ve planned your own wedding before, it’s hard to know when things might take longer than expected.

This can be the case with your wedding photos particularly for those couple portraits or wedding party photos.

Taking the time to capture those special ‘newly married’ feels

the best time to take wedding photos can work with you. This wedding photo was taken inside a barn in the middle of the day

Taking time out with your other half as a newly married couple may be the only time you get together to be alone on your wedding day (note: photographer’s are invisible and therefore, don’t count). Understandably you want to share as much of your wedding day with your friends and family as possible.

However, taking some ‘you time’ will allow you to catch your breath and some ‘holy sh*t we’re married’ portraits! These are often the times when the two of you can just feel, exactly what you are feeling – tenderness, floods of tears, laughter, silliness, happiness, overwhelming love!

So when is the best time to take wedding photos?

Unless you’re keen for a sunrise shoot on your wedding day, (unlikely – but how awesome would that be?), the last hour or so of the day is known as ‘Golden Hour’ and is where the magic happens. It’s time and length varies dependent on location and time of year but it’s the time when the light is soft, warm and at it’s most flattering.The best time to take wedding photos is the hour before sunset Of course, there are situations in which planning around golden hour isn’t possible. We can work out the best time to take wedding photos that works for you. If the only available time you have for wedding photos is under the midday sun (it happens!), it’ll likely mean finding some shade or making use of a cloudy moment. Little Bay wedding photographyThe hour after sunset, known as Blue Hour is also stunning and the time where the sky turns deep blue blending in with the colours of the sunset.Just after sunset in BondiBlue hour is a stunning time to take wedding photos as the sky turns deep blue. Why not hop out for a night shot between courses, I promise you’ll be back in time for desert!
Whatever your timings, the day is most importantly about you and celebrating your love, your way! Having captured many weddings, both outdoors and indoors, in all weather and throughout the year, I can help advise on the best time to take wedding photos to make sure we capture what’s most important to you. Get in contact now, I’d love to hear from you!

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