The Wedding Chapter of Robyn & RahulChinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

The tradition of the tea ceremony is part of the Chinese wedding and one of the many celebrations that Robyn and Rahul held to unite their Indian, Chinese and Australian cultures. Held in the stunning Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney’s Darling Harbour they were joined by friends, family and dragons…

As guests arrive, the couple get ready in their finest Chinese wedding outfits, the bride wearing a stunning lace red dress and gold sparkly shoes, the groom a traditional green silk suit.

The groom gets ready for his Chinese wedding ceremony

The celebrations kick off with acrobatic Chinese dragons and loud drums playing!

Dragons attend the Chinese Wedding Ceremony at Sydney's Friendship Gardens

Being a hugely important part of Chinese culture tea is then served as part of the Chinese wedding ceremony. The couple serves tea to both sides of the parents, representing an important moment in which members of both families become relatives.

After the drinking of the tea, gifts for the bride and groom are presented. These are usually red envelopes containing money.

The rain held off as Robyn and Rahul got some wedding pictures with their friends and family, always fun especially when children are involved.

The couple take some time to themselves between the celebrations to soak up being married and take in the beautiful location they’ve picked for their celebration in Sydney’s Darling Harbour .

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