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Engagement Party SydneyTim & Ash

Tim and Ash, held their rustic engagement party just days after Australia voted for same sex marriage equality (hurrah!). The couple spent days making decorations for their bush dance themed celebration. They even wore country styled clothing and a koala shirt to match.

After meeting at a friend’s party they dated for 3 years before getting engaged. Their favourite thing to do together is road tripping and camping at the beach. The couple are excited to get married surrounded by friends and family and spend their lives together.

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Contact me Tim & Ash's uber cool rustic engagement party was decorated beautifully with hand made items. The couple posed alongside friends and family with a backdrop referencing one of their favourite songs ‘San Franciso’ by Scott McKenszie.Tim Dormer puts some flowers in his hair to pose for a photo with his partner Ash. Their road trip mode of transport the ‘Love Bus’ was parked up displaying photos of their time together. Friends and family from all around joined the couple in Minto including Tim’s friends from Big Brother Jade Albany and Bree Amer Wilkes. With fairy lights in the trees the weather held out for a nights dancing under the stars to traditional bush band The Inland Navigators. Friends and family dance with the couple at their rustic engagement in Sydney's Minto bush camp. Stepping out of the party briefly the beaming couple took a moment to capture their love and happiness before returning to the bush dance floor.As a wedding photographer I am a supporter of same sex weddings and would love the opportunity to capture more same sex weddings. Love is love! Close friends and family made speeches telling stories of the couple’s love and dance floor moves. Tim & Ash cut their cake. As a same sex wedding photographer I truly believe love is love and cake for all! Their engagement party was featured in Who Magazine and the Daily Mail just days after same sex couples were granted marriage equality in Australia. “The exposure and awareness that same sex couples can celebrate love with their families and friends just like every straight couple is just magnificent. I’m so proud of us for achieving this together!!” said Tim. I couldn’t agree more, and FYI, the cake was frigging amazing!! Cake for all, and all for cake!

As a wedding photographer I more than happily capture same sex weddings and engagements. Love is love!

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