Family Chapters

Family matters most, right?

It’s the people you share your every day with – your hopes and dreams, worries and fears, tears and laughter. Living a few thousand miles away from my own family, I surround myself with images of them to remind me of the love we share and the memories we’ve made – some of them life changing moments, others simply the beauty in the every day connections. It’s through this family photography that I’m reminded of my happiness and what I value most.

At ‘Next Chapter’ we believe in capturing these precious moments from the significant to the everyday to make sure you can relive your most valued memories for a lifetime.

Sounds awesome! Tell me more…

Relaxed, fun and adventurous is our vibe, we want to leave you with memories that reflect the real you – the love you share, the silliness you have, the beautiful chaos. We choose natural environments, both outdoors and at home, to capture the most valued in your life story.

Tell us about your family and inquire about your fun family photography session! Let’s chat!

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