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Marriage EqualityCake for all!

In 2015 I published this post on the same sex marriage discussion in Australia, as a supporter of marriage equality I hoped to be able to capture the love of all couples getting married across Australia without highlighting specifically that I’m a same sex wedding photographer but simply a wedding photographer! The article got picked up and shared by Amnesty International and it looked like something might happen for the good of the LGBTQI community. However, it wasn’t until Wednesday 15th November 2017 that the Australian public voted yes to marriage equality finally giving the gay community a chance of equality and acceptance. I was at Prince Alfred Park in Sydney with a few thousand people awaiting the announcement, the air was filled with excitement and nerves that was soon replaced with celebration, relief and upset that as a community they’d had to be subjected to this process in the first place. I too felt the emotion, as something I’ve strongly believed in since I arrived in Australia from the UK and realised that the gay community were still having to fight for their right to celebrate their love. Having many gay friends, including some couples, I can only listen and feel for the discrimination felt in their lives.

Within the wedding industry I know there is huge support for same sex marriage, after all, love is love, however I’ve been told by same sex couples that have contacted me about their wedding that they have been turned away by around half of vendors they’ve spoken to. This makes me incredibly sad and I hope some day that those saying no may change their mind on this.

I met up with a couple I’d been speaking to regarding their recent engagement and the happiness was beaming from them.

The celebrations continued as the bars of Oxford Street were packed to the brim with a vibe that felt like the last five Mardi Gras’s I’ve attended rolled into one.

A few days later I captured the engagement celebration of loved up couple Tim Dormer and Ash Toweel at their rustic engagement party in the bush of Sydney’s south. Fairy lights, wholesome food and a traditional band played as the couple enjoyed their night celebrating with friends and family.

I’m so pleased to say love did win!

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