Reasons not to hire a Family Photographer!

You’ve got a good camera on your smart phone, so why hire a family photographer? I agree! “Wait, what?” – Bare with me here..
Smart phone cameras get better every year, shockingly so and I’ll put my hands up, I largely use my smart phone to capture everyday life so why would you invest in a professional family photographer?

Here are my Top 3 Reasons to not Hire a Family Photographer.

#1 Selfies & Smart Phones

How good are selfies? How did we even take photos of ourselves before the selfie? More often than not your family photos may be taken via the fine art form of the selfie – we all know how flattering they are after all! Of course if you all want to be in the photo (more on that later), it may be the only possible way failing having a friend / relative / stranger / dog do it.

You may of course avoid being in photos altogether and only capture the kids, whilst this is totally fine some of the time, you’re really missing out on capturing your family – that includes you! Read more on ‘The Importance of You in Family Photography’.

Hiring a family photographer will of course mean you are all free to enjoy being together and allow your unique family connection to be captured.

Hiring a family photographer will allow you to capture your special family connection

#2 My cousin / uncle / friend has a DSLR (professional camera).

Awesome! You could save yourself some money and get them to take some great family photos, maybe. This one really depends on their experience – have they worked with families before? Do they know how to get you to relax in front of the camera? Do they understand how to work with varying light or moving objects (kids!)?

Being a professional photographer takes knowledge, experience and skill. Not only do photographers invest in the best equipment, they also invest in training and of course accumulate years of experience.

And yes, a family photographer knows how to do all of the above.

Family photographers can capture moving kids in the best light and composition

#3 It’s too expensive

Price varies wildly across family photographers, however the question of cost is really about the value you receive and the value you place on capturing your family memories through the years. My sole purpose for becoming a photographer is to capture the best bits of life – to relive that joy everyday for a lifetime!

That’s exactly how I feel when I look at the family photos I have displayed around my home – from the most recent one of the extended family, nieces, nephews and all – to the one taken almost 30 years ago of my sister and I proudly holding the marrows (giant zucchinis) grown in the family veggie patch. Looking at that photo takes me back to that very moment and the importance of family – To me, that’s priceless!


You may have guessed it, my advice isn’t ‘don’t hire a family photographer!’ It’s, absolutely do hire a family photographer! We provide a highly valuable service – from advice on how to get the best from your family photography session to professional print products you can’t get at Kmart! Capturing your Family Chapter with a professional family photographer will ensure you are left with memories, photos and products that will last a lifetime and for the generations beyond!

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