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So you’re pregnant?! Reasons to consider a Maternity Photographer

Congratulations! Life is about to get a whole lot more exciting! Whether it’s your first, second, third or more, another addition to the family means a lot more love! At such a special time in your life you may be considering a maternity photographer, and why wouldn’t you? Growing a tiny human is pretty darn miraculous and whilst there are many other reasons that’s definitely reason good enough.

However, as promised here are a few good reasons to consider hiring a maternity photographer.

You’re Growing a Tiny Human!

Ok, I said it already but honestly, could there be anything more amazing?! I appreciate you may not be feeling particularly amazing right now, particularly if you’re in the first trimester, however being pregnant is a beautiful thing. The excitement of what’s to come – the next chapter in your life as a new mum or mum to another special little one.

Capturing this precious time in your life for you as a woman is empowering. You may wish to include your partner too to be able to look back on the love and excitement you have amongst you. If you already have kids or even a fur baby or two, including them in the shoot can also be really beautiful.

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Stories to tell the little ones

Imagine sitting with your little one as they’re growing up and having the “mummy where did I come from?” conversation. Being able to sit and show them when they were in mummy’s tummy will really make their eyes light up and build on the love and connection between you.

Capturing them as they grow

I work not only as a maternity photographer but as a family photographer. My passion is to document families through the years, from where it all began to the moment they entered the world. Their first days at home, tiny fingers curled up around yours. Their first smiles and first steps, and the adventures as the years fly by. I document families as they grow, leaving them with memories filled with love and happiness to look back on as life changes and moves on.

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I’m passionate about the importance of capturing what matters most in life – love and family. I capture the happiest, most precious memories of you and your loved ones to be relived for your lifetime and the generations to follow.

If you’re interested in hiring me as your maternity photographer get in touch. 

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