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Should I have a first look?

Firstly I should clarify what a first look is before you decide whether or not to have one. By old traditions the couple getting married do not see each other until the ceremony, often spending the night apart before the wedding day for good luck however, some couples opt to see each other before the moment they meet each other to exchange vows.Traditionally the first look is done at the alterWhy? Well there’s a few reasons, many couples already live together and perhaps would prefer to buck other traditions of the ceremony also such as being walked down the aisle and ‘given away’.

Having a first look, perhaps in the comfort of the home you already share together may prove less overwhelming than seeing each other for the first time in front of a crowd of people, as well as an intimate moment that can be had between you – some using this time to exchange gifts, cards or letters if you have them. Caught on camera they make for a beautiful memory of the quiet moments you had together before getting married.

From here some couples even choose to walk down the aisle together, perhaps with their children if they are already part of the family picture.

Of course, first looks don’t just exist between the couple but also often between the parents and sometimes the wedding party seeing their daughter, son or best friend all dressed and ready to get married! These moments before the ceremony are some of my favourites to capture whilst only the very closest to the couple are present.first looks can be had between family members of close friends perhaps in the bridal party.So whether you choose to have a first look or not will highly depend on how you want to do your wedding day, with tradition or not at all, the most important thing is that it suits the two of you!

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