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Should I have an unplugged wedding?

What’s an unplugged wedding I hear you ask? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with getting married at a place with no electricity, quite simply it’s a kind, yet firm request for your guests to down smartphones as well as potentially iPads and cameras during the wedding ceremony and perhaps throughout the reception also. I’ve outlined some of the key reasons why you might choose to have an unplugged wedding.


#1 Guest can be fully present to enjoy the day

It’s true to say that when your guests are focusing on trying to take photos, they are unlikely to be focussing on what’s really happening in front of them, being you guys getting married! Given this is only going to happen once a friendly request is often understandably well received and in the long term appreciated. It also means the photographer gets to see their reactions and capture them clearly and with ease.

An unplugged wedding makes sure the view and reactions of the guests is uninterrupted

#2 No unwanted disruptions

Standing up in front of all of your loved ones can be nerve wracking so imagine that mobile ringtone sounding right as you are about to say “I do”, or feeling overwhelmed by multiple flashes from phones and cameras, agh!! Switch the phones to silent or off to avoid those unwanted disruptions.

An unplugged wedding ceremony ensures uninterrupted photos

#3 Avoiding photos on social media

Some people choose to create a ‘hashtag’ for their guests to post to social media however, you may wish to avoid having photos of your day all over social media before you’ve had a chance to look at them, if at all. Of course you can ask that they do not post anything until the following day however, for the other reasons listed you may prefer guests not to take photos at all particularly at certain times of your wedding day. I will send you a sneak peak of you looking your finest the following day for you to share on social media if you wish.

#4 Avoiding bad photos

Plenty of people believe an iPhone can ‘do the job’ however, it doesn’t go very far when it comes up against the skills of a professional photographer and the camera gear and training they’ve invested in. Particularly in low light situations such as churches and receptions, phones etc will struggle meaning photos taken will only be blurry or even worse, the person taking the photo may have forgotten to turn off the camera sound meaning continuous “shutter noise” during those special moments.

#5 Only great photos!

You hired a professional photographer to capture the day you committed to spending the rest of your life with your favourite, that’s a massive deal! You’ll be surrounded by your nearest and dearest from far and wide wanting to be a sure a moment isn’t missed or disrupted. Phones, iPads and cameras in the air are highly ugly to look back on in a photo at best and at worst may disrupt the best possible photo from being taken. Of course, sometimes there’s no stopping that stubborn Aunty or proud Dad from getting ‘their photo’, but explaining the timings in which it’s ok to take photos and when it is not as well as ensuring the photographer has ‘right of way’ is the best way to handle it. You may also wish to let the likely suspects know that you’ll give them access to the professional photos to enjoy to their hearts content.


..And the best way to tell your guests you’re having an unplugged wedding?

A friendly, poetic, perhaps cheeky sign at the entrance to the ceremony is a great idea, whilst it’s also recommended to have the celebrant make an announcement prior to the ceremony commencing and the MC at the start of the reception, if all of the above resonates with you, take control and do it your way, it only happens once after all.

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