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The Best Wedding Cakes in Sydney

Being a wedding cake taster was certainly up there on the career goals, however, given the highly competitive industry of professional wedding cake tasters, I had to settle for becoming a wedding photographer instead, pfft! All jokes aside, living my best life as a wedding photographer, a major perk of the job is sampling the best wedding cakes in Sydney – lucky me!

Here are my top 3 suggestions for The Best Wedding cakes in Sydney.

Best Wedding Cakes in Sydney – Gracious Honey

Gracious Honey cakes have been appearing a lot at recent wedding. Beautifully decorated and deliciously dense (notice the very real effort to cut the cake by the bride below), what more could you want in a wedding cake?

Best wedding cakes in Sydney Gracious Honey
best wedding cakes in Sydney Glorious Honey

Best Wedding Cakes in Sydney – Nútie Donuts

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a die hard Nútie Donut fan. I used to drive all the way to the Inner West from the Eastern Suburbs bubble to get one, for dinner, when I was broke #livinmabestlife.
These guys are geniuses at continually creating new and delicious treats. And want to know what’s best? They’re gluten free and (mostly) vegan!! Which means I can basically eat a whole wedding cake tower of doughnuts and not feel too bad.. probably. Amazing deliciousness of the doughnut variety.
wedding cakes Sydney Nutie

Best Wedding Cakes in Sydney – Make your own!

Seriously, you could just make your own, or get your friends to make one or many and bring them along. No pressure 😉
PSA: Be sure to have tried your friends baking previously. This method is undertaken at your own risk and is subject to burnt bits and smushed layers. Otherwise you could end up with a table full of far too much delicious cake like this lucky couple!

Want to follow me in finding the best wedding cakes in Sydney? Give me a shout, I’d be more than happy to help you sample cake – you’re welcome!

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Happy cake hunting!