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The Importance of YOU in Family Photos

How often do you take photos of your kids? How often are you in those photos with your kids? The age of the selfie may have increased the chances of you being in your family photos however, more often than not I hear “I’m never in the photo”.

This is sad for so many reasons, sometimes it’s because of how you look or feel about yourself, and that couldn’t be further from how your kids look and feel about you. Those looks that light up your day, make you smile and fill your heart – capturing them is priceless and just not possible without you being there right beside them.

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As the years go on, those young, innocent looks may change, however, the love they hold for you absolutely does not and as you all get older and life feels more and more precious, so too do those family photos. Those feelings of excitement from when they were growing inside you, to those first moments and days together, their first smiles, steps and the years that followed, captured together as a family.

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Family photos are for the future

The photos you take now as a family are for the present – the quality time, fun and love you share during the session are valuable for sure! However, these family photos are even more so for the future – the times you’ll look back on when they’re all grown up, perhaps when life is feeling more difficult than usual and for the generations that follow.

These family photos aren’t just for you, they’re for your kids, even more so when they’re all grown up. They’ll treasure those photos and remember exactly how they felt cuddled up to mum or dad, laughing at the jokes only you understand, enjoying their favourite book, game or activity.

So if you’re feeling like ducking out of the family photos, remember, those everyday family moments will become priceless sometime in the future.

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