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What month should I get married?

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, one of the key questions you may have is ‘what month should I get married?’. You may have already been told that your preferred venue is booked up for the next few years, or perhaps you can’t get an appointment to try on that dream dress – no wedding vendor likes to turn away awesome clients!

However, unless you have some well informed friends or have done some internet research you’d be unlikely to know that trying to plan a wedding for the peak period can be difficult unless done potentially years in advance.

So getting married in Australia, Europe or elsewhere? It’s a good idea to be aware of these busy times and how they vary.

We’ve pulled together some research to help give you an insight into the ‘wedding season’ calendar so you can be sure to book in good time! Send us a message if you have any more questions about your wedding day or Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with new posts, inspiration and offers.

What month should I get married in Australia?

Australia can get bloody hot, we know that much, so who wants their make-up running off their face before they’ve set foot out of the door? As magical as professional make up artists are, we’re pretty sure the Marilyn Manson effect isn’t the look du jour. That’s why you won’t be surprised to find that Spring (specifically October and November) and Autumn (March) are the busiest times to get married in Australia. And it’s these months that you’ll find most difficult to lock in that supplier you’ve been following on Instagram since you said yes to ‘the one’. April and September follow closely behind.What month should I get married in Australia? Spring and Autumn are the favourites.If you’re in Queensland, you’ll find the most popular months to be the dry ones – April and May are ideal with September and October being the busiest.

Outside the peak months there is a steady stream of weddings taking place with the least popular month being July. So if you’re having trouble booking a venue, or a just a fan of the cooler temperatures, try mid winter. The daylight hours are shorter so that’s something to consider when it comes to  timings, however, the days can still be comfortably warm in the sunshine – bring a shawl or jacket for the evening.

What month should I get married in the UK or Europe?

Whether the UK or Europe are your permanent home or you’re an expat heading back to get married – you may have already guessed the busiest months to get married to be Summer. A little less harsh and a little more unpredictable, the summer in the UK hosts two thirds of all weddings meaning it gets pretty busy between the end of May and the beginning of September when the best weather is most likely although of course, never guaranteed!What month should I get married in the UK? Summer is the busiest time to get married in EnglandLike the winter vibe? Why not fully embrace it and go for a December or January wedding with chances of snow?

Let’s face it, you’ll never be able to bet on the UK weather, hence why some choose to elope or have a destination wedding. However, rest assured that whether you get sunshine or lashing rain, the umbrellas and wellies will be there, as will all of your favourite people!

What month should I get married in Thailand, Bali or Fiji?

Thailand, Bali, and Fiji, to name a few are all popular destination wedding locations. However, when it comes to a tropical wedding, like northern parts of Australia, you need to consider the wet season to ensure you’re not wading knee deep in flood water to get to your location (yes this did happen to me on a holiday in Fiji – pays to do your research people!).

So planning a wedding in Thailand? June – October sees the country experience it’s monsoon season, meaning heavy rainfall! Opting for a November – February wedding will give you a drier and most likely comfortably warm day.

School holidays mean increased prices everywhere, and that’s true of Bali (think July, August for Europe and December, January for Australia). August is the most likely to be dry and therefore, the most popular however, May, June, July, September or October will be dry and warm during the day and not as busy.

Fiji, is similar in it’s seasons and provides year round warm weather.

Are you planning a tropical wedding? ‘Next Chapter’ is yet to shoot a wedding in either of these countries however, having explored all of these amazing destinations previously, we’d love you to be our first, simply send us a message!

What else should I consider when setting a wedding date?…

What is the busiest day to get married?

You probably guessed this one, yup it’s Saturday! Closely followed by Friday. Sunday is growing in popularity however, be sure to pay special consideration to public holiday weekends.

When is the most popular time to propose?

Aside from significant personal dates i.e. the anniversary of when you met/got together/first kiss, it’s good to be aware that the most popular times to propose will lead to an increase in those planning a wedding. Simple yet not always obvious. Think Christmas, Valentine’s and New Years for a surge in the newly engaged.When is the best time to propose?

So whether you’re a summer or winter person, a Brit or an Aussie – planning with the peak months in mind can make the journey run a little more smoothly. And don’t forget, relax, enjoy the ride, you’ve got the rest of your lives together!

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